Dzjengis Khan
Mongolian Grill Buffet

For more than 19 years a name

A restaurant with a large open kitchen in the center, where our chefs prepare delicious meat, fish and noodle dishes in your presence with their wooden swords. And on our large lava stone BBQ our guest can be chefs themselves.

Kok met houten zwaarden
Restaurant Dzjengis Khan exudes the mysterious atmosphere of the Mongol empire at times of the famous, but also feared, warlord Genghis Khan. His warriors prepared their meals on their shields over large charcoal fires. This tradition we put forth in our restaurant.

Experience our unique formula; 2½ hour all inclusive diner for only € 29.50 per person.

Dzjengis Khan is open from 5 pm, 7 days a week (for groups times are variable).

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